Wanted: Bike mechanic !

Dirty hands & repairing bikes? Do handicrafts and messing around professionally? Drink malt beer and eat ice cream?
We are looking for new people for our workshop on Wundtstr. 9!

What’s up?
– professionally equipped bicycle workshop
– funny, weird, committed colleagues, willing to help you & answer your questions
– Learn new things about screwing & cycling
– In case of regular engagement: A key for the workshop for private

What is required?
– Repairing skills OR the motivation to learn (be proactive!
– Willingness to regularly attend an opening time (e.g. every 2 weeks á 3h)

Come around and talk to us during opening hours! Or contact us by email!

PS: We also have another workshop in Friedrichstadt. It’s called “Zum Rostigen Ross” and is also happy to receive support.

Shorter Opening Hours, 3rd of march

At 3rd of March our workshop will be closed earlier for internal reasons. Exactly at 5.49 pm and 5 seconds doors will be closed. Customers how didn’t left the place until then, will be punished with penatly work – which is sizing 100 spokes according to their length.

Your friendly Workshop-Team.